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word a little better >> well, people are coming to mariah's defense. well honey booboo. >> okay. >> he doesn't know who honey booboo is. well i do. honey booboo has her own 24-hour bodyguard after kidnapping threats. apparently, there is some sort of alleged plot to abduct the 7-year-old reality star. and there was an attempted break in at the honey booboo household august 27. believed that someone was casing the place for a future kidnap attempt by some one that may be ransom for their newest star. she gets paid $20,000 an episode. >> my goodness. fascinating to just watch much less hear the audio. >> difficult to look away. difficult. >> you are right. beyonce pulling out of "a star is born" with clint eastwood. would have been interesting. beyonce pulling out of "a star is born" with eastwood, the singer, due to team up. she said we couldn't get it together. >> big obama supporters. would if had anything to do with the empty chair. >> the empty chair, still haunting us. who knows? ng us. who knows? and me discovering novolog mix 70/30 flexpen. flexpen is pre-filled with your pre-mix
there on that day and listen to him defy these charges. >> his defense attorney said he was desperate basically to get to the stand. his biggest regret. he wasn't able to testify on his own behalf during the trial. but, sandusky and his victims will both have an opportunity to, to, to basically make the statement and then the judge is going to pass down the sentence. it is going to range anywhere from ten years to more than 400 years in prison from judge john cleland. >> practically speaking he is going to die in prison no matter what the sentence end up being. a statement for one of the lawyers for one of the victims the failure of mr. sandusky to show contrition is not unexpected but sad, unfortunate, he has maintained his defiance in the face of a mountain of evidence throughout this process. and more of that in the last few hours. >>> shifting gears to political news. mitt romney campaigns in the midwest today with an extra bounce in his step. a new poll taken right after the debate shows romney swinging ahead of president obama, right now things stand at 49-45% in vor of romney. his succes
, narcissism, a lack of feeling for the pain he caused others. >> reporter: defense attorney claimed the case was rushed to court and that he didn't have time to prepare a proper defense. >> i just think there were so many different parties involved in this who wanted this to go away. >> reporter: sandusky's security will likely be an issue as where to place hiison crimes may im aget t.j. winick, abc news, bellefonte, pennsylvania. >> i assume they have to make special arrangements there because you can't put this man in general population considering the high profile nature of the case and the crime. >> and the crime especially. you know, historically they are housed separately, especially child sex offenders. >> yeah. >> there is court justice. >> not only sex offenders, but child sex offenders. >> yeah. jail deals with those people differently than the courtroom does. two levels of justice. let me ask you this. he didn't speak at trial. why come out with the statement the day before the sentencing and why speak at the sentencing yesterday? >> it's completely bizarre. it is his right not to
hand. folks who support obama saw in joe biden an aggressiveness and passion and defense of the administration you did not get from the president. not nearly as vigorous one last week. in that sense a draw. they both did what they had to do. all comes back down to tuesday night. that really is going to be probably the clutch debate. >> tuesday is the second presidential debate. that is going to be held at hofstra university, moderated by a woman, candy crowley of cnn. townhall style including foreign policy. i just was, what struck me is that it is really split. i think they bethoth appealed t their base. from some polls, women were turned off bay interrupting and laughing joe biden. a lot of people calling for more substance explanation from paul ryan. >> on the other side, if women were turned off by the most tense question of the night the one about role with religion and abortion. clearly paul ryan made it clear, he is pro-life. joe gave a nuanced, answer, look, in my personal life, i accept catholic church's teachings on this. i will not impose that on anybody else.
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)